Garage Files: Quick and Easy Wheel Truing Tips



the rim after they break, and if you don’t remove them, they will cause a very annoying rattle. Be sure you remove the whole nipple before installing the new spoke.


Untangle the broken spoke and remove it from the hub. Old, broken spokes can be sharpened and made into “spokey tools” for opening cable-housing ends and marking things like seatpost heights.


Park Tools makes the best spoke wrenches bar none. They’re ergonomic and easy to use. The red one works for spoke nipples made in Asia and the black one works for all Swiss and American nipples. The green one is slightly smaller and not needed for most bikes. Our spoke nipples fit the black one.


Park also makes a nifty spoke ruler that makes it very easy to measure spoke length. Our 27.5+ wheel required a 275-millimeter- long replacement spoke. Spokes are available in black and silver, but we’re using silver here to make it easier to see.


Spokes are also available in butted and straight-gauge versions. The butted ones are thinned out in the middle to make them lighter, but they are more expensive. You can easily tell if you have butted spokes by running your fingers across them to see if they have a bulge at the ends.


We’re ready to install the new spoke. Start by dropping the spoke…


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