Garage Files: Quick and Easy Wheel Truing Tips


into place like so. Be sure to match the pattern of the other spokes, which is always one spoke head facing in and the next one facing out.


Now, follow the pattern of the rest of the spokes to lace the spoke into place. This is a three-cross wheel, meaning each spoke crosses three other spokes on the way to the rim. This wheel requires an “over, over, under” pattern, which is always the pattern for a standard three-cross wheel.


Next, we need to install the new spoke nipple. This can be tricky, as the small nipple can easily be lost in the rim if you’re not careful. We like to put the nipple on the end of a scriber like this to help guide it into place and hold it there.


Once in place, begin to thread the nipple onto the spoke. The nipple works like a nut on a bolt, so it’s righty tighty, lefty-loosey. You should tighten the nipple until the spoke starts to have a slight bit of tension. If you’ve measured your spoke right, the nipple should nearly cover the threads of the spoke as it snugs.


Be careful not to over-tension the spoke right away, as we will need to true the wheel.


With the spoke installed, you can now reinstall the rim strip and…


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