Garage Files: Quick and Easy Wheel Truing Tips


tire if you wish. Some wheel-building fanatics insist on truing the wheel with the tire off for better precision, although this is not always necessary. When reinstalling the rim strip, it’s handy to use a pencil like so to keep the valve hole in place.


Now it’s time to true the wheel. The key thing to remember here is that the alternating spokes pull the wheel to one side or another. If you need to pull the wheel to the right, you should tighten one of the spokes pulling to the right and then loosen one or two of the spokes that pull the rim to the left.


We’re using Park’s TS-2.2 stand, which will accommodate every wheel size, including 29er and fat bike sizes.


It’s best to work with small and equal but opposite small turns on the spoke nipples. This keeps the tension of the wheel consistent and will allow you to bring the wheel back to straight. If you simply add tension without backing it off on the opposite side, you may end up taking the wheel out of round. It’s best to work with quarter turns and true the wheel slowly.


If you don’t have a fancy truing stand, don’t fret. You can do this same repair on the bike by holding a pencil like so with the wheel spinning. This will allow you to spot the trouble spots and still true the wheel, although not as precisely as you would be able to with the actual truing stand. With rim brakes being a thing of the past, having a perfectly true wheel is less important than it used to be.


With the new spoke installed, bolt the wheel back on and go hit the trails!

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