Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado Set To Open Saturday June 15

Things are looking good for this weekend! The warm temps, sunshine, and light winds have accelerated the melt-out. Opening weekend at Trestle looks really good. Maybe not last year good, since we had 2 inches of snow during the 2012 winter, but really good.

We will know more later in the week as temps are supposed to stay in the 70’s with sun, but here is the current assessment. We should have 70% of Trestle Bike Park open on Opening day! Rainmaker from Double Jeopardy Down, Double Jeopardy, Search and Seizure from the top to Trestle DH, Free Speech, No Quarter, Beeall, Bear Arms, Green World and Long Trail from 5-five points. That is just a sample, there’s more. And more is drying out each hour.

Another update will be provided later in the week.

Wanna get your pass early and avoid the season pass line opening day? Yeah, we remember last year too. Go to Mojo Friday 2-7pm. We will be there printing passes. You can buy them there as well.

Gemini lift is open Saturday to help keep the lift line short at the base.

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