Fly Racing
Super D
Jersey &Radium Shorts

Originally focused on motocross, Fly Racing has successfully expanded and become an equally prolific supplier of cycling apparel. Fly Racing offers a suite of gloves, helmets, and even shoes and hydration packs for every intended use category—from cross-country to downhill. This month the MBA wrecking crew decided to put Fly Racing’s Super D jersey and Radium shorts through the thrash-test wringer.


Tech features:

The two most important features of a jersey are comfort and the ability to wick sweat. Fly Racing’s Super D jersey offers comfort with a low-profile, tag-less collar and ventilation with three mesh panels—one under each armpit area and one on the rear neck area. The Super D is available in four colors with sublimated graphics and in four sizes—S, M, L, XL.

Fly Racing’s Super D color options

Field test results:

The Super D jersey’s material proved lightweight enough to dissipate moisture and manage unwanted heat, yet durable enough to deter snags or pulled threads. Throughout our testing, the polygiene odor-control technology remained effective. The standard-fit was not too loose nor too tight. The Super D’s extended tail could stay tucked in or cover the waistline in all riding positions, even when terrain required a radically bent torso or extreme flexibility. The jersey is priced at $49.95.


Tech features:

Intended for enduro and downhill use, the Radium shorts are constructed from the same fabric as Fly Racing’s Lite Hydrogen MX pants. Like a quality pair of motocross pants, the Radium uses a full-mesh liner, making the shorts extra comfortable for downhill riders who might not always opt to wear a chamois. For enduro riding, the Spandex panels stretch to provide added range of motion.

The Radium shorts are available in six colorways with sublimated graphics and waist sizes ranging from 28 to 38.

Perhaps the Radium’s most valued feature is Fly Racing’s patented 2-D buckle system. Our biggest gripe about biking shorts is typically the lack of adjustability in the waistband, and if you can adjust the waist, it doesn’t remain secure. If you experience weight fluctuations or accidentally purchase the wrong size, the Radium can change waist sizes with you. You will also appreciate this if you decide to don hip pads for the bike park or add base layers in winter.

Field test results:

The leg length of shorts can vary drastically depending on the manufacturer. For downhill only, we might have preferred an inch or two of additional length for complete coverage over even the bulkiest knee pads, but, for enduro, the length of the Fly shorts was just right. Our pair of size 32s did not restrict pedaling in the seated cycling position. The Spandex stretch panels allowed a great range of motion with no binding or bunching. Also, the waist remained snug, thanks to the silicone-print inner waistband.

Fly Racing’s Radium shorts come in 7 different color options.

There are two zippered, bonded pockets on the front of each leg. While some shorts offer more storage volume, that usually requires a deep pocket that drops down to the knee, which can produce a distracting and unstable load when pedaling. We found the Radium’s pocket area to be adequate enough for a cell phone on one side and even a multi-tool and wallet on the other side without bouncing and jiggling on the trail. The Radium shorts cost $89.95.


  • High-quality materials that move with you
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Well-placed ventilation


  • None

Star Rating

Price: Jersey: $49.95; shorts: $89.95



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