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The UCI World Championships have, in effect, largely erased those other events from people’s minds and the record books of our sport.

How a Backyard Bike Shed Launched a Business

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski was one of America’s top cross-country mountain bike stars, winning 15 national championships before retiring from racing five years ago. His wife, Heather Irmiger, was also a pro XC racer and national champion on the Trek team. Now that they’re both retired from professional racing, Jeremy has turned his attention to a business […]

Roy Wallack’s Mountain Bike Crash and Death: How It Happened

“We did our best to try to piece together what MIGHT have happened. There was no evidence on that section of the trail of any bump, rock, rut, gully, root, or anything… that would have knocked Roy off his bike to leave him in the state or position in which we found him – especially for a rider with the skill and experience Roy had.
One thing we speculated… that Roy, perhaps, had some sort of cardiac event before crashing that actually caused the crash. But this is total speculation… in all honesty, we have absolutely no idea what really happened – and might not ever . . . . ” —Andy Petranek