Bike Packing in the beautiful mountains of Northern New Mexico

I grew up in New Mexico and know first hand the beauty of the landscape there. In this video, Evan Christenson is joined by Even Green to ride the 117 mile Chama Charmer. This is the first episode of the Loam and Gravel Society.


The Evans’ adventure through the wildlands of Northern New Mexico and a little of Southern Colorado was riddled with fallen trees, lightning strikes, and cool geology. The trip didn’t go to plan, but what’s the fun if it does? This video is definitely worth the watch with its epic views and inciteful conversation.


Bike packing is hectic at the best of times. Gotta make do even if you forget something.

There are 7 more episodes scheduled in this series with the last one’s scheduled release of October 26th, 2022 on the Old Man Mountain YouTube channel.


The Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, is a beautiful place


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Which is the better snack?


Sometimes it’s more hiking than riding in the back country


Full suspension bikes aren’t the typical bike of choice for bike packing, but Evan Green has made his work very well with some well designed wracks and packs.


Go check out the video to see all the beautiful things they saw on their journey

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There’s this not-so secret-society called the Loam and Gravel Society, and they chose Evan Christenson, to be the first President. As President he’s traveling around North America on a three-month expedition. He’s riding and bikepacking with some really rad folks, and checking out the different ways people ride bikes. Evan’s going bikefishing in Montana, bikerafting in Southern Colorado, adaptive bikepacking in Canada, Shredpacking in Utah! How cool is that?! If you want to join us, and become a Fellow of the Loam and Gravel Society, I highly encourage you to subscribe and follow along @OldManMountainRacks instagram stories.


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