Video: Fabrice Mels’ UCI Elite XCE World Championship Run

The 2014 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships in Hafjell, Norway, opened on Tuesday with the first titles awarded in the Eliminator. Kathrin Stirnemann gave Switzerland their first title of the championships in the women’s competition, while Fabrice Mels of Belgium took the men’s gold medal.

“I had a very bad start,” explained Mels, “and I was trying to keep up the pace and to pass Emil (Lindgren) because he had a quite big gap to Kevin (Miquel). Then, at the end, Lindgren came on the inside of Kevin and they crashed, so I had the way open to the finish line.”

“It’s crazy. I was waiting for the sprint because I had not a very good start, so with this … yeah, it is beyond my imagination at the moment. I am really happy.”

“This is way above winning the World Cup; way, WAY above it. You have the Rainbow Jersey, and you can wear it all the year, and that makes it so nice. You work so hard for it the whole year, and then getting this … all the hard work pays off.”

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