Video: Going Beyond a Paycheck and “Redefining Success”

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Race Face Creator Series: Redefining Success

Filmmaker: Jake Frew

Synopsis: Filmmaker Jake Frew thinks we’re in desperate need of a new definition of success so he sets out on a journey – traveling across the country in his van to tell the stories of mountain bikers who are pushing back against this cultural norm, and finding their own individual versions of success that go beyond a paycheck.

Why Race Face Chose this Film: An aspiring filmmaker quits his day job and sets out on a road trip to reframe what being successful means to himself and others he meets along the way. In this day and age, we are bombarded with messages of what we’re supposed to be striving for and what being successful is supposed to look like. Jake finds that true success cannot be distilled down to such limiting definitions. His honesty and positive outlook attracted us to this project and we know you will enjoy his exploration of alternate versions of success.

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