A full-length film on the planning and execution of the FKT on the Kokopelli trail


“The Kokopelli trail runs 137 miles from Moab, UT to Loma, CO and the women’s time to beat is 13 hours and 7 minutes.

For professional mountain bike racer Hannah Otto, failure is not a common occurrence. She’s constantly pushing the sport and finds herself toward the top of the podium during her race season on a regular basis. Last year, Hannah had great success clocking the FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the ascent and descent of the Whole Enchilada trail. But this year, she had her sights set on a more challenging route.

The Kokopelli trail is an unforgiving beast that most skilled riders would consider completely ludicrous to ride in one day. Hannah’s hunt for the FKT drove her to extreme temperatures resulting in a frozen hydration pack, frostbitten fingers, hypothermia, and moments of failure—but that only added fuel to her internal fire.

After sleepless nights, early mornings scouting, and a failed attempt, Hannah Otto holds the fastest known time on the Kokopelli trail at 11 hours and 53 minutes.”Competitive Cyclist


FKT Stats:

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