Video: Kona’s Shred-Half Dirt Jumper, Half Trail Ripper, and 100% Mountain Bike

At Kona we take great pride in making high-performing, durable, fairly-priced, super fun to ride bikes that aren’t bound to one specific genre of cycling. Utilitarian steeds you might call them. The Shred has always been one of our most versatile bikes. And new for 2013, this long-time Kona classic gets an entirely new frame design. By intent, the Shred is built to do it all, and do it tough. What can best be described as half dirt jumper, half trail ripper, and 100 per cent mountain bike, the Shred’s updated frame has round tubes for a clean and classic look, but with a functional purpose too, most notably a better strength-to-weight ratio. Go deep with confidence good friends. Shred forever.

shred from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.