Kurt shows us where he grew up in his new video "This is Home"

Three-time Redbull Rampage champion Kurt Sorge lives the definition of the freeride lifestyle in the mountains and hills of Nelson, BC, Canada.

“The line used to be like half as long so double the walk back up but, ah, so worth it.

I’m addicted to the air-time, if I gotta walk for it, I’ll do it.” – Kurt Sorge

In this video presented by Shimano, “This is Home,” Kurt shows us the appreciation he has for where he grew up and the opportunity it provided him to be the pro he has become.

Kurt developed a passion for mountain biking at a young age

The passion of his youth has carried over into his career as a professional mountain biker. In the video his mom talks about him being out riding at all times of the day, only coming home when the sun had set. She goes on to say that that passion has never faded and that he still tells her he’s going riding whenever he stops by.

Kurt Sorge’s impeccably smooth style is well showcased in this video

Kurt has influenced the riders in his community by proving you don’t have to be from the big city to make it.

Community is always a huge part of mountain biking

Recently he’s been driven by a passion of exploring and spending time in the mountains on his bike. In the video he shows some of the lines he’s been building and riding in a breath-taking mountain range near his house.

Kurt loves exploring the mountains on his bike and spending time in nature.
Kurt carving his way down a mountain’s shaley face

Kurt is obviously comfortable going big throwing crazy tricks and pushing the level of freeride wherever he goes.

Kurt continues to go big and push the limits of the sport

“This is home. Mountains as far as the eye can see.” – Kurt Sorge

“This is home.” – Kurt Sorge

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