Kyle doing what he does best

“Kyle Strait is back in the saddle and focused on his future as a pro rider and as a father. He doesn’t feel like talking about the accident at Red Bull Rampage that left him with three broken vertebrae – he’s ready for the future, starting with his first run at Red Bull Hardline on July 16. Catch up with the legendary mountain biker in the new feature, “I’m Fine”.” – Vitus Bikes



Vitus proudly presents a video profile of Kyle Strait,  whose 20-plus year career as a slopestyle athlete and pioneering freerider has earned  his place among the living legends of mountain biking. But it hasn’t come easy. 

Until last year, Strait was the only rider to have an unbroken record of attendance at Red Bull Rampage since it began in 2001. He’s also won Rampage twice. But during  his last practice run in 2022, one small mistake led to a horrifying slam. We’ve all seen the footage. The worst part wasn’t the violence of the impact; it was the stillness that followed. The Californian fractured three vertebrae in an instant and has been steadily  rebuilding his body and mind ever since. It’s a gut-wrenching moment to watch on video, but it’s a moment from which Kyle has moved on.  

“I’m fine,” Strait said. He’s had enough of the questions about the crash. He’s ready to  focus on what’s next, both as a rider and as a father.  

Fatherhood has changed him – he’s a generous and affectionate dad who shares  parenting responsibilities with Rachel Strait at the family home and mountain biking  compound in Alpine, California. He’s been steadily progressing on the bike since his  crash last October – it’s an electric feeling to watch Strait flow through the berms on the  Strait Acres pumptrack with his instantly-recognizable style. We can’t wait to see that  style return to the world’s stage, as Kyle has a full schedule planned for this year’s  premier freeride events. It all starts on July 16, when he’ll be taking on the legendary  Red Bull Hardline for the first time.  

“I’ve just been building my body for the past quite-a-few months,” Kyle said. “And  honestly I’m looking forward to the future.” 



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