Video: Luke Whitlock—Free Riding at Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

"Another Day in the Park"

Luke’s words: Danny Manning and I spent a few days at Mt Bachelor hanging out, getting clips in between laps, and enjoying the unreal hero dirt and conditions we were given at the park. Being a free rider isn’t all about speed through the bike park, but more focused on riding the park in a unique way, finding secret lines, feeling flowy, and overall just focusing on riding the terrain in the most fun way possible. We wanted to capture this in the most fun laid back way possible and with the handheld video cameras we used for filming, we feel we really captured the free ride side of riding in “Another Day in the Park”. Huge thank you to KHS Pro MTB for making this possible. Filming by Danny Manning Song: “Addicted to the Blade” by Useless Eaters Follow along with our socials: @KHSProMTB @dannymanning46 @lukewhitlock_



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