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An Englishman, a Scotsman and 3 Canadians walk into a bar. While this might seem to contain the makings of a joke centred around the monarchy, Brexit, or possibly a sack of potatoes, it does not. We are too wet, muddy, and tired for any of that. We simply want to relax and enjoy a beer. Still, in the throws of the pandemic, we sit on the patio, sheltered from the rain but not the damp cold, stewing in our chamois and water-logged shoes, sipping our brews. Deciding we should probably peel off these soggy layers and get into some dry clothes, we each pull out the most important piece of luggage we have brought on this 4-day journey between Squamish-Whistler-Pemberton. No, not the cameras to document our journey to traverse the Sea-to-Sky on electric mountain bikes. Nor the GPS devices to make sure we don’t miss a single second of logging this trip onto Strava. The most important item we remove from our pockets is a thin piece of plastic that can buy all of the necessary equipment in a single swipe…a credit card.

Photo by Bruno Long

Riders: Ali Chapple & Hamish Baird
Cinematographer: David Peacock
Editor & Motion Designer: Zach Rampen
Photographer & Story: Bruno Long
Colourist: Dave Tomiak – Elemental Post
Sound Design: Keith White
Music: From the Day You Were Born – Lost Dog Street Band

Photo by Bruno Long
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