Video: Rampage’s Gnarliest Runs that Didn’t Win?

Andreu Lacondeguy — Red Bull Rampage 2019

Andreu Lacondeguy is a seasoned veteran of Red Bull Rampage. After taking the title in 2014, he’s since been on the podium for styling out complex trickery with some mighty Spanish flare.

Charging the mountain yet again this year, Lacondeguy set himself up with an impressive line packed with high-scoring tricks as the Spaniard was determined to improve on last year’s second-place finish. As riders have come to discover over the years, Red Bull Rampage is a wild beast that’s difficult to tame. For Andreu Lacondeguy, the mountain fought back, bucking and thwarting the athlete’s attempt for a podium finish causing setbacks in both final runs. Despite the odds, Lacondeguy held on and rode away each time, earning himself this year’s Toughness Award.


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