A display of undeniable talent.


“We started DEITY in 2004 to give riders a home with a brand that actually understands them, sticks by them for the long haul, and can identify with them. We are misfits in this industry and proud of it. We march to our own beat, our compass is different than other people, and we have always known that some people will get it…and some people will not.

From the minute we saw Emma Olofsson on a bike we knew that her DNA fits who we are… fearless to be herself, dedicated to do things her own way, and unapologetic in who she is.

In an industry that is currently cannibalizing itself, has over-extended its capability, is owned by investors, and is now discounting every aspect of what made it once great… it is terrible to see that the riders, photographers, and filmers are the first on the chopping block. Why? Investors and “companies” cannot see how critical these foundational pillars are to them and to the scene so when a penny must be saved…it comes at the cost of the people. It is the riders who make these “companies” have an identity outside of a product. We say it time and time again, there is a difference between a “brand” and a “company” and you can see the results when the adversity hits.

In 2004 when we started DEITY… the riders, real brands, photographers, media, and filmers were the ones who dictated the direction of this scene. Now, “companies” have been given too much power, too much control, and it has made riders, photographers, and filmers be at the mercy of a company’s decisions and ability to run their business properly.

We have not seen a time where so many riders have been dropped in December and January. Literally having the carpet pulled out from under them. Saying this is just “business” is a dry take on relationships and a disrespect to those who risk themselves daily to represent their sponsors, to the photogs and fimers who pack 60 pounds on their back to bring you the best visuals worldwide. What are these people supposed to do in January? Teamless, sponsorless, taking pay cuts, and left to wonder why they put themselves on the line for an industry that won’t protect them.

This project with Emma is a testament to the grit, artistry, skill, creativity, and passion these riders and creatives have. As we look into the future…we are eager for a revolution. A revolution where the riders, photographers, filmers, brands, and media take the power back. When that day happens… the cream will rise to the top industry wide. When that day happens… this industry will once again be a SANCTUARY for riders.” – Diety Components

Rider: Emma Olofsson
Filmed/Edited: Jacob Nilzen

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