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Steven Walton

Congratulations to Steven Walton on his 2020 U.S. National DH series championship from the crew at KHS


Name: Steven Walton
Nicknames: Swalto, Spilly

DOB: 11/30/99
Birth Place: Corona, CA
Current Home: Murrieta, CA
Nationality: USA
Turned Pro: 2018
Hobbies: Moto, Offroad, snowboarding, and building things


My name is Steven Walton, I am a 20-year-old mountain bike racer from Southern California. I have been racing downhill since 2013 and was a part of the KHS Junior Team in 2014. I rejoined the KHS Family in 2019, where I competed both nationally and internationally alongside teammate Nik Nestoroff. A Highlight of my 2019 season would be my 4th place finish in the Sea Otter Classic Pro Dual Slalom event. For 2020, I am looking forward to the National season as well as competing in select UCI World Cup races.


Steve started racing in 2013 and was a member of the KHS Junior Development team back in 2014. Trained by the very best while making impressive wins, Steve has made a very good name in the industry. With his speed and agility in this extreme sport he is another promising member in the team. 2020 is his year and KHS embraces Steve’s talent as he has proven himself worthy time after time as a member of this team while taking the podium with full force with his wins.

2020 Southridge Winter Series R1: 4th
2020 Southridge Winter Series R2: 2nd
2020 Southridge Winter Series R3: 5th
2020 SRC Winter Series Enduro: 1st
2020 Downhill National(GRT) #1: 4th
2020 Downhill National(GRT) #2: 2nd
2020 Silver Mountain National: 3rd
2020 Snow Summit DH Series R2: 1st
2020 Big Mountain Enduro R1: 44th
2020 Big Mountain Enduro R2: 33rd



2019 Southridge Winter Series R1: 1st
2019 Southridge Winter Series R2: 1st
2019 Southridge Winter Series R3: 1st
2019 Southridge Winter Series R4: 2nd
2019 Bootleg Winter Series R1: 2nd
2019 Bootleg Winter Series R2: 2nd
2019 Bootleg Winter Series R3: 12th
2019 World Cup #1: 81st
2019 World Cup #2: 103rd
2019 World Cup #3: 83rd
2019 Pro GRT #1: 35th
2019 Pro GRT #2: 13th
2019 Pro GRT #3: 11th
2019 Pro GRT #4: 6th
2019 Southridge Overall Champion
2019 IXS European Cup SLO: 26th/216
2019 National Championships: 7th
2019 Big Mountain Enduro R2: 27th
2019 Southridge Annual Challenge: 1st
2019 Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom: 4th
2019 Crafts N Cranks DH: 3rd
2018 Pro GRT #6- 5th Place
2018 Nevada State Champs: 2nd
2018 Ensenada, MX Urban race: 5th


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