VIDEO: Strait Acres and Gravity Fest Highlights

Results and highlights from last weekend's races

(press release)

Kyle and Rachel Strait took over the Summit Bike park this past weekend, making themselves (and rest of the SoCal MTB Community) feel right at home as Strait Acres moved from their own backyard to Big Bear, as part of the Gravity Festival at the Summit Bike Park.

Strait Acres Dual Slalom Results

Open Women:

  1. Kialani Hines
  2. Jordy Scott
  3. Harriet Burbidge-Smith
  4. Danielle Beecroft

Open Men:

  1. Tommy Zula
  2. Joey Foresta
  3. Dante Silva
  4. Mitch Ropelato

Downhill Results

Pro Women :

  1.  McKenna Merten
  2. Sydney Phillips
  3. Maranda Maliska
  4. Kera Linn
  5.  Zoe Ray Wood

Pro Men :

  1. Cole Suetos
  2. Steven Walton
  3. Mitch Ropelato
  4. Aiden Chapin
  5. Cody Kelley

Enduro Results

Open Women:

  1. Mary Metcalf

Open Men :

  1. Kai Aiello
  2. Spencer Rathkamp
  3. Trevor Mejia
  4. Cade Calonder
  5. Johnny Burnham
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