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Video: Megavalanche 2012 – Clash of the titans

Last July Italian video maker Gianluca Ricceri followed Jérome Clementz (2010 Megavalanche winner) and Rémy Absalon (2011 Megavalanche winner) during the whole week that eventually led to the race of the year, the Megavalanche 2012. About the Megavalanche A race that does not need much of an introduction, the grueling Megavalanche in l’Alpe d’Huez is […]

Snow Ride with the GoPro Hero 3

HERO3 Test- around JH from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo. from Andrew Whiteford: The lonely (g)narwhal rides again! I was really psyched to try out the new cam. I had time to get a quick ride in on the 23rd and a hot lap around Antelope Flats and Moose-Wilson on the 24th. Looking forward to some […]

New Technology: Tires That Don’t Need Air…

These certainly caught our eye. Check them out in this video: The benefits of removing the air from tires completely has been known since the beginning. ERW© Patented Airless Design make bicycling safer and more efficient. Obstacles slide under the ERW© wheels with precision and ideal comfort, and keeping the tread on the tire. Our […]

Video: Mojo Trail Diary, Morocco with Mark Weir and Fabien Barel

The Mojo Trail Diaries were intended to show people how capable the modern trail bike has become – to encourage people to spread their wings and try something new, the bike and suspension won’t hold you back!… In the previous edits in the series we climbed hills, munros and mountains, hit jump spots, slippy and […]

Video: Building and Shredding in Switzerland

Impressive camera work along with a stunning backdrop make for a great video by Dominik Gspan of Switzerland. “I am so proud to share my love of this sport with everyone. I hope you will enjoy the film and the cinematic images of the mountainbike paradise Zermatt.” Dominik Gspan This is the story of Dominik […]

Video: Sam Pilgrim’s Freeride MTB Journey Through Japan

Sam Pilgrim immerses himself in Japanese culture, as he makes a pilgrimage to share his perspective on freeride MTB with local Japanese MTB scene. Riding with the locals, experiencing cultural rituals, demonstrating and discussing endless potential for growth of freeride MTB movement in Japan.

Video: Superenduro Grand Finale Pro 6 Race

Enduro-style racing just looks like fun. It’s as close as we’ve ever seen to just going for a ride with your buddies and calling it a race. If this race video doesn’t get you excited to go ride, check your pulse. We’re all for it. Superenduro Grand Finale – PRO6 race – Finale Ligure from […]

Video: “Mixed Feelings” From The Coastal Crew

From The Coastal Crew: This is an on going unscheduled series showing the unfortunate side of building in BC’s forests – Logging. Logging and forestry can be a love – hate relationship in our region. On one hand it’s unfortunate to see our massive forests be mowed down, but on the other hand the hundreds […]

Video: Anthill Films says “Congrats Stevie!”

From Anthill Films: Five years ago we filmed a segment for Seasons about a young, up-and-coming downhiller named Stevie Smith. Back then he had the vision to believe one day he would stand on top of a world cup podium. In September 2012 that vision became reality and we were luck enough to be there […]

Unicycling the Dolomites… Say What?

Stephanie Dietze and Lutz Eichholz unicycling down a 3011m high mountain in the dolomites. Every meter off the descent challenged the athletes to there limits and mistakes where often not allowed to be sure not to fall down big cliffs or slopes.

Tips for Properly Fitting Your Leatt DBX Brace

A Leatt brace may be able to save your neck in the event of a crash, but anyone who’s worn one will tell you that it needs to be fitted properly to the rider for it to do any good. The process of fitting the brace will take a bit of time, but it’s time […]

Mountain Biking in Mongolia with Specialized and Richard Gasperotti

This quick edit was filmed by Marty Smolik with Specialized rider Richard Gasperotti (Gaspi) about first freeriding in the Mongolia mountains. This movie is starting point before a lifestyle film dubbed “ZAM.” If National Geographic ever does a mountain bike film, it might look something like this. richard gasperotti visit mongolia from Gaspi on Vimeo.

Video: Mikey Sylvestri Closes Down Northstar – RG Productions

Two-time MBA cover rider Mikey Sylvestri knows how to make a bike look fast in a still photograph, so it’s no wonder that it his riding is even more impressive on video. RG Productions caught up with Mikey at the tail end of the season at Northstar California in Tahoe to close the resort down […]

Product Test: GoPro Helmet Hero HD Camera (Video)

It used to be that filming your ride was an expensive and difficult proposition. Not anymore. These little cameras now offer high-quality video, are easy to use and have become much more affordable. The GoPro Hero HD camera is proof. Tech features: The $300 GoPro HD Helmet Hero is a 1080p HD video camera and a […]