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Video: Northstar Gypsy/Wire Course Preview

     Northstar is nearly to the halfway point of their summer downhill race series. The fourth round is set for Sunday, August 19th and will utilize the Gypsy and Livewire tracks. The track has a good mix of natural features as well as sculpted jumps along with a new wooden berm built by the […]

Darren Berrecloth: The Legend

Darren Berrecloth is a hero in the world of mountain biking. With just two weeks left until the hullabaloo that is Crankworx, we take a look back at one of the legends of slopestyle and big mountain riding who helped shape it from the beginning. His personal contest, the Bearclaw Invitational is happening this weekend […]

Chris Akrigg and Amir Kabbani Take a Road Trip with Mongoose (Video)

Who doesn’t like a road trip? Chris Akrigg and Amir Kabbani head to Malaga, Spain with Mongoose for this trip. Their unique riding styles blend big-mountain rugged terrain with an almost trials like creativity to conquer the mountain. The full edit of the road trip video will be available soon. For now, the trailer will […]

Video: Pro GRT Course Preparation at Northstar California

  In its fourth year, the 2012 USA Cycling Professional Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) has expanded to six races and continues to raise the level of competitive gravity racing across the United States. As the country’s premier gravity calendar, the Pro GRT aims to provide a consistent stage of international-caliber events for elite […]

Amazing All-Mountain Riding in Germany (Video)

The trails in this video look like a combination of the best places we’ve ever ridden, all in a single day. This little bit of eye candy features trails that are epic and very technical. Miss a line on the wrong side and you’re going to pay a serious price.

Official Where The Trail Ends Trailer Unlocked

“Where the Trail Ends…” is a film following the worlds’ top freeride mountain bikers as they search for un-ridden terrain around the globe, ultimately shaping the future of big mountain freeriding. The story documents a variety of riders pitting themselves against terrain that’s never seen a knobby tire. The official 4:30 trailer was recently released […]

Singlespeed Hardtail Wins the Megavalanche (video)

Ok, no. He didn’t win the whole thing, Rene Wildhaber took the top honors. However, Frank Schneider of Nicolai racing won the Master’s Challenge class, and finished second overall in the Mega Challenger Cup. Wondering if you’re suspension design is up to date? Wondering if your bike is holding you back? Well, sometimes it’s simplicity that […]

Video: These Are The Days – Dylan Dunkerton

This is the second installment of this series from The Coastal Crew about living the mountain bike dream. We dare you to watch this and not be pumped up to go ride.  From The Coastal Crew – “These are the days, the ones that really matter. Memorable laps with friends, summer time vibes and golden […]

Mountain Bike Action Films Presents: The Ride

At then end of the day, we’re all riders. Everyone with a passion for mountain biking knows what an epic day on singletrack feels like. Few realize how tough it is to capture the feel on film though. In this video, we set out to Santa Barbara, California for an epic day of riding. We […]

Thomas Vanderham Takes Flight on the New Shimano Saint Group (Video)

Shimano released its second video for the new Saint M820 group, letting its athletes do the storytelling (caught by Anthill Films). A long-time Shimano athlete who’s been a Shimano Saint rider from the beginning, Thomas Vanderham put the new group through its paces on Canadian soil, and also in Canadian airspace.  Striaght from Vanderham: “I […]

Specialized Bikes: The Mountain Bike Crew

It’s always better to know the people running the company who made your bike are riders at heart. Specialized put together this mini-documentary about the people who run the mountain bike division at the “Big Red S” to chronicle what makes them tick. Specialized Bikes: Mountain Bike Crew from Team Thirteen on Vimeo.

The Endless Gap (Video)

This fun little shred video is all about Swiss trails, and the soft, mossy and rooty soil in the depths of the forest is that make the perfect training and playground. This particular trail is the first in the area to feature man-made jumps and drops. The other trails are retained as natural as possible […]

Mountain Bike Wheel Shootout: 26er, 27.5er, 29er Video Proof

As more and more manufacturers develop products for the 27.5 inch wheel size, the future for the new standard is looking more promising all of the time. While we have tested this emerging wheel size against the more traditional 26 and 29 wheel options on hardtail platforms before, we hadn’t looked at how rear suspension […]

Inside the Pro’s Mind – Logan Binggeli at the Pro GRT #2

This isn’t your standard mountain bike video. It’s not set to loud music, and it has no gap jumps over pickup trucks with scantily clad women. Instead, it’s a look inside the pro racers’ mind when they’re in the zone. The footage, taken from this year’s Pro GRT race in Vernon, New Jersey, gives us a look […]

Free Premiere of Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers is the latest film from the renowned crew at Anthill Films. We had a chance to catch the world premiere at Sea Otter last month, lets just say it was stunning to say the least. Great riding, locations, and a pumping soundtrack has surely made this film an instant classic in the […]

Video: Prototype Phase at Yeti

The tribe at Yeti Cycles gives an inside look at how their bikes come off the drawing board and into reality. If you’re a fan of elbow grease and true craftsmanship, this is a much watch. Like us on Facebook

Video: Darren Berrecloth checking out die “Berg Line”

Darren Berrecloth, track designer and rider for Red Bull Mountain Line 2012 – doing a bit of guinea pigging before Saturday’s competition. The line looks pretty awesome. Tons of big jumps- with lots of airtime. Catch the live webcast this Saturday on Like us on Facebook

Whistler Bike Park: Opens Friday May 18th

The snow has been melting away and the trail crew at Whistler Bike Park has been hard at work to bring you another incredible season. Come tomorrow, Summer will have officially started for many mountain bikers. Not a gravity enthusiast, that’s ok. Whistler offers a full fleet of Giant downhill bikes that you can rent. […]

Backflipping a Road Bike? No Way…

Sometimes we run across videos that just make us say “no way.” Spy put together this sweet ad for the Tour of California featuring a disguised Mike Montgomery throwing a backflip over a sizable double. Oh yeah… he did it on a ten-speed road bike. Check it out. It’s definitely worth the 31 seconds. Directly from Spy: The California […]

Video: Life Behind Bars Teaser

An inside look at freeride mountain bike star Brandon Semenuk and his crew, following their journey from World Tour Competitions to the journey back home in the coastal mountains of Canada. Shot on location in the USA, Europe and British Columbia Canada and co-starring The Coastal Crew, Logan Peat, R Dog, The Intern, The Miracle Whip […]

Video: Danny MacAskill’s Biggest Fan

Five year old Jack is quite the little shredder and Danny MacAskill’s biggest fan. With the viral video views soaring into the tens of millions it’s no secret that Danny has inspired many folks to get out and ride bikes. Little Jack and his family but together this great edit. Watch out Danny!!! Jack has […]

Saint Prototype Testing with Aaron Gwin

Shimano worked with Anthill Films to produce this video for the new Saint group with Shimano-sponsored rider Aaron Gwin. In typical Anthill style, the boys once again brilliantly captured a personal side of Gwin talking about, then riding prototype Saint M820 prototype components, ripping on his own trains in Temecula with confidence and control.