Watch: Brendan Fairclough In “MASTERCLASS”


Brendan Fairclough

By Scott-Sports

Chasing Trail has always been about sending our athletes to dream-worthy, exotic locations to shoot content that would make us want to dream. In these current times, however, that isn’t possible. So we said, “wait a second!” All around the world, riders have been falling back in love with their locals, appreciating the ability to pedal from home and go for a rip. One of those very people is World Cup Downhill star Brendan Fairclough.

Living in the illustrious Surrey Hills in England, Brendan has access to some of the world’s best trails (if you ask him.) So, we wanted to challenge the dog to do something special — take all of his favorite bikes, don’t go far from home, and make us the best edit the Surrey Hills have ever seen. The result? Chasing Trail Ep. 30 – The Brendan Fairclough Masterclass.

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