Watch: Commencal’s “Clash Kids”

Commencal’s “Clash Kids”

Erice VAN LEUVEN – @ericevanleuven
Sacha BRIZIN – @sach.briz
Max & Till ALRAN – @max_alran_mtb


Sometimes it’s difficult for them to make the transition into adulthood. That’s why we created the JUNIOR range.The CLASH JR is the perfect enduro bike, a mini CLASH with 160mm of rear travel and 27.5 wheels.The suspension ratio is intentionally higher than on an adult CLASH because of the lighter weight of smaller riders and so the shock can operate through the full range of travel. Air pressure and rebound/compression adjustments are standard for prime suspension optimisation.

The JR has a 160mm fork to ensure perfect balance on all support points. With a seat tube of just 370mm and a reach of 38


In this age group and at this stage of their development, the kids are getting stronger and 145mm of travel becomes a necessity.
The suspension ratio is deliberately high in order for the shock to operate fully within its range. Air pressure and rebound/compression adjustments are standard for prime suspension optimisation. The bike is built around a quality 24’’ fork. The 24’’ castings mean we can use a 145mm travel fork, which in turn means the bike is well balanced. The front of the bike is not too high so that the support is better distributed from front to back.

Geometry has evolved with an extended reach, again for better balance (350mm v 313mm) and reinforced shorter chain stays compared to the SUPREME 24 (390mm v 420mm).

The result is a bike that is much more playful with added stability and grip. At this age they’re already going very fast!


A worthy successor to the SUPREmE 20, the CLASH 20 is more fresh and modern. The bike is designed to be used at speed and is built around a quality 20-inch fork. The fork has 120mm of travel with a low crown height to
enable a good balance of the geometry.

But that’s not all, we also focused our attention on the rear suspension. We use a particularly high suspension ratio due to the light weight of the rider. This way it’s possible to adjust the shock fully within its range of use.
Air pressure and rebound/compression adjustments are standard for prime suspension optimisation.

With said 120mm of travel, the CLASH 20 can go anywhere; easy rides on forest tracks, bike park debuts or to reach DH podiums in its category.

The frame itself has undergone speci c development and the 345mm chain stays are particularly short. This is helpful for children because they don’t have the physical strength of an adult to move the bike around as easily.
The seat tube is short (260mm) so that even the youngest (and shortest) can bene t from the CLASH 20 as soon as possible. With its 65° head angle, the CLASH 20 will help kids to progress and furthermore, enable them access to any trails.


Everyone has their reasons for riding bikes…
Sporty people who want to excerpt themselves, to get fit or to clear their heads.
The true racers who want speed and performance.
Adventurers who never cross the same path twice.
There’s those who strive for style and stomping tricks, on the ground or in the air.
Whatever the reason you like to be on your bike, you’ve always liked to share it with someone.
First of all with your parents.

Then in a group of friends.
Perhaps even with your soulmate.
And eventually maybe with your child.
At first, you’re proud to see them enjoying themselves, progressing.
You flood social media with videos of them on their bike.
But lately something is unnerving you.
Now, they keep up and sometimes even overtake you.
They clear that gap you’ve never dared to attempt!
These days they prefer to ride with their mates and they let you know that it would be even better if you weren’t there.
But they’re still so small…
At the same time, this is what you wanted.
The more you think about it, the easier it gets.
It all started the day the day they got their CLASH…

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