Watch: Gabriel Wibmer In An Almost Perfect Dream

In An Almost Perfect Dream

Gabriel Wibmer


Gabriel Wibmer has roughly one year to go before he graduates from high school. Between studying and going to school, he needs some two-wheel-action to take his mind off. Right in the middle of doing his homework, the 18-year-old dozes off, dreaming of riding his bike.

Gabriel originally planned to focus more on the Downhill Season in 2020 and to participate in a few World Cup races as it would have been his last season in the U19 category. “However, Covid-19 put a damper on my plans and almost all races were canceled, so we used the time wisely to realize a slightly bigger project,” said Gabriel about this year’s situation. He is already looking forward to the day when he will be finished with school so that he can fully concentrate on his riding career.

In his latest video “An Almost Perfect Dream” which he shot this summer in his home region of East Tyrol, the high school student dozes off while calculating binomial formulas and dreams of what he likes to do best – tricks on his bike. Right at the beginning, the 18-year-old impresses with a mind-blowing…

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