Watch: Gabriel Wibmer In Flipping Out Downhill

 Flipping Out Downhill
Gabriel Wibmer

By Gabriel Wibmer

In challenging times, 18-year-old Gabriel Wibmer doesn’t let the ceiling come and crash down on him. Instead, he grabs his Downhill bike, mounts it on his quad and heads out to ride his home trail, but with a Freeride approach. Surrounded by peaceful mountains, the young East Tyrolean really steps on the gas and pushes the limits to deliver another action-packed video. The clip reaches its climax with a backflip, for which Gabriel uses a tree as a launch pad.

Gabriel Wibmer

”The highlight of the video was definitely the tree backflip. It was pretty cool, especially because we didn’t know in advance whether it would work out with the downhill bike. We were really surprised how well it actually went. We needed about 25 attempts, which is pretty little. It didn’t feel right from the beginning to ride against a tree and pull a flip, but after a few attempts, it looked like a backflip and felt like one. I had one or two crashes, but nothing serious and it’s always fun to have something like that on camera.”

Gabriel enjoyed the time on his big bike and is stoked about filming on his local trail


“Overall, I wanted to make a video on my home trail for a long time already and I think in the current time, it was the perfect opportunity. It was just amazing to go out into nature, have fun on the bike and do some cool filming.“


Photos by ©Stephan Wibmer

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