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Can you please tell us about yourself? 

Hello, I am Joannes Von Klebelsberg, little bit of a difficult name! I come from the northern part of Italy, it’s a German speaking part of Italy so that’s why I have a German name. I am 24 years-old and I work in Munich during the time I don’t ride bikes.


What is your job in Munich? 
I run a restaurant with a traditional South Tyrolien kitchen. Northern Italian Kitchen.
Where did you find a COMMENCAL BIKE ? 
I knew I would be a privateer this year and I was searching for a bike because my old bike was not so good anymore, there were some parts missing… And I was checking what the best bike of last year was, by the results in World Cups. So for me it was the COMMENCAL and then I bought it, on the internet like a normal customer. Yeah I bought it! End of story.
Everybody knows you as the “Denim Destroyer” but what is the story behind you riding in jeans at World Cups? If you can buy a bike, you can bike pants?
Haha that’s true! I have so many pants at home! For the first World Cup in Maribor, I was supposed to ride my pants from last year. It’s not a special story, we just went to a store to get food and there was also this clothing store where I saw the denim pants. Some privateer riders or people who just ride for fun ride in jeans and I said, if it’s stretchy enough, I will race in them. I tried them on, they were really comfortable and I did the race in them. Afterworlds, I realised I felt really comfortable in them so I love my pants, that’s why I am still wear them!


As you are having a good season, what are your expectations for next year? 
I am always really careful with expectations…


You can say you don’t want to give you an answer about that right now… 
Actually I don’t have any expectations. I look at it race to race. This year, everything went different to what I thought. I didn’t know I would be so good. So I really have no expectations. I didn’t have any expectations for this year, I just wanted to have fun. I am still well trained, I train a lot but not on the downhill bike, I don’t have much time on the downhill bike. But in the morning and the evening I train to be fit at races. World Cup racing is tough. The most important thing for me is to have fun and take it easy.


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