Watch: RockShox X The Black Collars


the freeride culture, donning a Monster helmet, globe-trotting for filming and competitions, and returning to the Red Bull Rampage site, year after year, as one of the top qualifiers.

Aggy’s loose, rugged riding style is by all accounts a byproduct of his environment. “Right when you think he’s on the brink of explosion, he controls a skid and busts out a trick, which I’m a huge fan of,” said Paul Genovese.

With the Kamloops Bike Ranch down the street and vertical silt bluffs lining the horizon, Aggy’s backyard is also his playground. And when his friends show up to ride, all bets are on.


Paul has been looking up to Aggy since he was throwing his first can-can. Competing as a slopestyle athlete since he was 12 years old, Paul has been honing his box of tricks in the small valley town of Fernie, B.C. under the influence of the early pioneers of freeride. When the sport started to shift towards slopestyle, Paul refined his skillset for competition and began traveling with the FMB Tour in 2011.

“Me and Aggy have always had a cool relationship. He’s always been super helpful and given me good advice. When the Black Collars concept came about a couple of years ago, it was cool for him to think to bring me along. Ever since then, it has reignited my passion for riding my trail and downhill bike a lot more.”

“With Aggy showing us all the sweet spots, I felt so grateful to ride what we did together. And Norbs – he’s got the most insane…

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