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big mountain skills. I was so impressed with his riding all week,” Genovese said.

While the landscape for throwing tricks in Kamloops is different from the sculpted transitions on a Crankworx course, Genovese’s favorite trick is still a Superman seat grab.


Growing up in the sleepy town of Prince George, B.C., Kyle Norbraten tooled around his neighborhood like every other kid – exploring backyard trails, building ramps on the street, and jumping over his friends. Before the dawn of social media, Kyle obsessed over freeride films to fuel his inspiration for what’s possible on a bike. At 16 years old, he attended one of Andrew Shandro’s summer gravity camps, opening doors for coaching, sponsorship and eventually landing the dream job of being a professional rider.

Traveling the world to ride, film, and compete for the better part of his 20’s, Kyle made six appearances at the Red Bull Rampage, including his infamous 2012 run that left the internet trending with the hashtag #norbsgotrobbed after fans disagreed with the judges’ low score on his flat-drop spin. After a few more years, Kyle respectfully retired from the Rampage, feeling like he had accomplished what he set out to do, returning to his roots of imaging, exploring, and riding for the pure joy of it.

These days, Kyle is an electrician, working full-time, and chasing the shred every moment in-between the daily grind. Listen in and you’ll hear the loudest bellyaching laughter stemming from Norbs.

“The good energy and vibes between the riders and filmers made for such a good time. That energy is what fuels each of us and each other. You watch each person drop-in, bringing a different style and strength,” Norbraten said.

Although the three admittedly are experiencing heavy withdrawals from the daily nug collecting during their week together in Kamloops, Aggy, Paul and Kyle are all back to work. Being a Black Collar isn’t about the results, the glory, or the numbers. It’s about working hard for the right reasons, sharing it with your friends who love it just as much, and not forgetting about the good times and what brought you there.

Videos by Mind Spark Cinema. Words by Sarah Rawley. Photos by Mason Mashon.

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