Our Friends at Box Components Share Their Thoughts

Rider: Eliott Lapotre
Photographer: Paul Fisson

So you’ve accepted that with Prime 9 you can get the range of a 12-speed in a 9-speed package. And with that you’ll enjoy a simpler and more trouble free experience. But, now you’re wondering about performance? Let’s dive into how Box can also deliver a high performing drivetrain, and do so with only 9 gears.



Does Prime 9 perform as well as an 11/12-speed?

✅ Shifting Less Means Faster Riding

Less shifts to get to the best available gear when compared to 12 speed. More time pedaling means faster runs and more King of the Mountain titles (KOMS)!

✅ Optimized Shift Ramps and Wide Range

We may only have 9 speeds, but there is nothing old fashioned about our cassettes. We have brought the past into the future by adding range and modern shifting ramps. Wide range cassettes with fewer gears mean larger gear jumps. Our shift ramps are optimized specifically for these gear combinations creating consistent, solid shifts every time.

Limited Slip Clutch™ Means Better Chain Retention

9-speed derailleurs from the past didn’t have clutches. We didn’t just add a clutch, we created a modern derailleur with all the contemporary features, but selected the more durable 9-speed set-up. Our clutch is instant engaging, has constant torque, and is fully serviceable*. A fully adjustable* clutch means less chain slap, better chain engagement, and no dropped chains. (*available only on box one / two tiers)

Consistent Gear Jumps

Prime 9 cassettes feature consistent gear spacing which provides even cadence across the cassette’s range.

Lightweight Cassette

Fewer cogs compared to 12-speed make for a lighter cassette* and better performance in all scenarios. (*Box One Prime 9 compared to other 12 Speed cassettes).

Do you really need 12?



Choose Prime 9 for a durable, simple, and high-performing drivetrain that offers extra-wide range. We also have variants that are optimized for e-bikes. Better performance = enjoyable riding experience.

9 is fine, really!


“I love my Prime 9 setup. When the system was explained to me, I was originally skeptical that the range would have gaps in between gears that would have me searching for the perfect ratio… I was pleasantly surprised at how well the system worked and I never feel that I am in between gears during riding and shifting. I experienced smooth shifting and was overall very happy with the set up and performance.”

-Eric Carter//Hyper Bicycles


“For riders like me who only pay attention to the clock on the way down, Prime 9 trades those extra gears for a simpler, less finicky platform.”

-Seth Alvo//Seth’s Bike Hacks


“After going to a Box Two Prime 9 drivetrain, it’s a nail in the coffin for both SRAM and Shimano 12 speed drivetrains (too expensive, too finicky and unless you are doing XC riding, too many gears placed too close together ratio-wise).”

-James Balfa//Everyday Rider


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