What Would Life Be Like Without Trails?

Dave Wiens invites you to join IMBA

What would I do without trails? I don’t even want to think about it. Trails are my rock, freedom, and escape from a busy, complex world. Trails feed my soul.

The more important question is, what would trails do without YOU?

I invite you to join an IMBA Local chapter today. It’s fun, easy and rewarding. You’ll be entered to win one of several prize packages of fantastic gear, including two complete mountain bikes from Yeti Cycles.

Without you, trails fall into disrepair. Our access is never guaranteed. It’s mountain bikers and local organizations that champion new trails. Fortunately, your generous support of local IMBA chapter trail stewardship keeps the fun of mountain biking going.

Your financial support stays with your local organization, enabling them to protect, maintain and build trails where you live and ride. More trails close to home!

You and I know that trails provide adventure, fun and release from the daily grind. Does it get any better than riding our favorite trails and exploring new ones with friends, and then swapping stories back at the trailhead?

It’s spring, we’re all stoked to ride and our trails are waiting for us. Please join locally today. I just did! Boom! Now go ride! The trail needs you and all of us.


David Wiens, Executive Director IMBA

P.S. Encourage your riding friends to join with you.

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