Whatever Happened To Bar Ends?

Since the widespread acceptance and adoption of riser handlebars, bar ends have slowly faded from favor and into the “spares box” of most rider’s garages. We recently came upon a set of LP Composite Bicycle Components‘ Anatomic bar ends that were in our spares box and bolted them on for this morning’s ride.

Using the bar ends moves your hand position in a little, gives a cramped feel at the controls and, placebo or not, increases your horsepower on the climbs by 10% (at least it feels like that). The hand position for out-of-the-saddle efforts feels more ergonomically correct on the bar ends than just grabbing the grip. In the saddle, the bar ends give a position that feels more comfortable and natural. These particular bar ends have a great shape that makes hammering into a headwind almost fun. Halfway into the first climb we were thinking, “Why did we ever take bar ends off?”

We are still experimenting with the position to find the optimum angle. Yes, they look a little weird, but we are going to leave them on and see if that placebo affect wears off. We hope not.

Do you still ride with bar ends? Let us know why you do (or don’t). Click here to send an opinion.

Riders serious about using bar ends need to check with the maker of their handlebar (especially if it is carbon fiber) to see if bar ends can be used safely.