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Outside the park: The trail known as “A Cut Above” is probably one of the shortest trails in Whistler, but it could be one of the most beautiful. It’s also free.

Last summer when we were at Whistler Crankworx, we left the bike park one afternoon to check out a trail a few miles from Whistler Village in an area known as the Westside of Whistler. We went out there with Richie Schley, Dwayne Peavoy and Cedric Gracia.

Richie had learned of the trail from Peavoy, a Whistler local who goes by the nickname “Whistler Red.” Richie and Cedric wanted to ride it and invited us to come along with them to check it out too.

The trail was called “A Cut Above,” and it was fairly short, not even a mile long, but it was one of the most beautiful trails we’ve ever seen. The trail was only built in the last couple of years and was only created as a connector trail to get riders from one trail to another one.

A Cut Above is only 4336 feet long (0.82 miles or 1.32 kilometers), according to TrailForks.com. The trail was absolutely beautiful. Though it was designed mainly to be a climbing trail for mountain bikers, you can ride down the trail, too, if you wish.

We have to give credit to the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association. They’re doing an excellent job of creating and maintaining a great trail network in the parts of Whistler that are outside the world-famous bike park. That is a great thing for the local riders in the Whistler area who might want to ride other trails than the ones at the bike park but who still want to enjoy riding in one of the most beautiful mountain bike destinations on the planet.


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