Why are my tires bouncing around?

Q: Got a Giant Trance 27.5-inch wheeled bike and I assume I should be running the same air pressure as in my old 26-inch tires. I have always run about 40 psi, but with the new bike, that seems rock hard and I am bouncing off rocks. Do you have a tire pressure recommendation?

-Tim, who might as well be riding solid rubber tires

A: You are running way too much pressure (even for a 26er). Rock your world by starting with 32 psi. It will feel like a different bike. You should notice better traction on the climbs, more grip in the corners and way better braking performance. You don’t mention your weight or riding conditions, so if you do experience pinch flats after going to the lower pressure (the flat tube will have what looks like a snakebite), add a few more psi to our recommendation. We also encourage you to convert the wheels to tubeless. After that, you can take another 2 psi out of the tire. We just published a how-to convert-wheels-to-tubeless story in our August issue.

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