Support IMBA and enter for a chance to win a Canyon Spectral 125

IMBA is in constant need of funding to help build new trails all over the United States and has a goal to partner with 250 new communities on access to high-quality and diverse trails. As an incentive to encourage donations, they were offering the chance to win a Canyon Spectral 125 AL 6 up until last Friday night. We’re waiting to hear who won the bike now.

We tested the Canyon Spectral 125 CF 8 earlier this year and can attest to its excellent performance. IMBA was offering a number of entries based on the amount of money donated; 10 entries for $10, 30 entries for $25, 75 entries for $50, and 200 entries for $100.  It’s too late to enter the giveaway contest now, but you can still make a donation to IMBA if you want. Visit this link to donate and learn more about the purpose of this fundraiser.

Here is our video review of the Canyon Spectral 125 CF 8 in case you’re wondering what kind of bike they were giving away.


We wish you all the luck if you’ve decided to contribute!


MBA wrecking crew member JJ Squires adds a bit of style to the trail aboard the Canyon Spectral 125 CF 8
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