Homes, cars and buses were reportedly swept away in the raging waters
We’re still waiting to hear if  Henrique Avancini (2) was affected by the flooding in his hometown of Petropolis, Brazil, where over 100 people were reported dead from severe flooding this week. Photo by Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull Content Pool

The first World Cup cross-country race of 2022 is scheduled to be held in Petropolis, Brazil, on April 8-10th, but we’ll have to wait and see if that needs to be changed. Torrential rainfall hit Petropolis on Tuesday, with over 100 people now reported dead in the flooding and mudslides. One news source from Brazil, cited by NBC News in the U.S., has now reported 117 people dead and another 116 people missing. Petropolis is located about 40 miles northeast of Rio De Janeiro with a population of just over 300,000 people.

The Associated Press reported earlier: “Rio de Janeiro state’s government has confirmed 94 deaths from floods and mudslides that swept away homes and cars in the city of Petropolis. But even as families prepared to bury their dead, it was unclear Thursday how many bodies remained trapped in the mud.” Later, new reports on Thursday from a variety of sources reported over 100 deaths, with over 100 more people missing.

The Associated Press added, “Footage posted on social media showed torrents dragging cars and houses through the streets and water swirling through the city. One video showed two buses sinking into a swollen river as its passengers clambered out the windows, scrambling for safety. Some didn’t make it to the banks and were washed away, out of sight.”

The Associated Press went on to say, “The state fire department said 25.8 centimeters (just over 10 inches) of rain fell within three hours on Tuesday. . . . Rio de Janeiro’s Gov. Claudio Castro said in a press conference that the rains were the worst Petropolis has received since 1932.”

World Cup XC racer and Olympian Henrique Avancini reportedly lives in Metropolis, but we have not yet heard if he was there when the flooding struck.

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