WTB’s New CZR Carbon Rim Replacement Policy

WTB’s New CZR Carbon Rim Replacement Policy


We value customer satisfaction and believe in our product more than the previous policy showed. We hope our updated replacement policy allows riders to Ride With Confidence knowing we’ve got their back regardless of line choice.

If the original owner breaks one of our CZR carbon rims while riding, we’ll send them one for free. No exceptions. As long as they were riding their bike when it happened, and were hopefully getting sendy, we’ll replace it. We also provide a policy for incidents that occur while not riding. See below.

CZR i23 & i30


  • While-Riding Policy: Original owner receives a free rim replacement if their CZR rim breaks while riding. Regardless of line choice!
  • Non-Riding Policy: Original owner receives 50% off replacement rim MSRP if their CZR rim breaks while not riding. This includes during transport or storage.

Our Ride With Confidence Guarantee is spelled out clearly on the CZR rim product page↓


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