Yamaha Steps Up To The Plate


Steps Up To The Plate


Knowing the sort of technology found in their motorcycles, we have to admit that for the last few years that Yamaha has been producing e-bikes, we’ve been a bit underwhelmed—until now.

Yamaha has been teasing a full-suspension e-mountain bike for a while, and finally, they’ve announced the arrival of their impressive-looking YDX-Moro and YDX-Moro Pro. Both bikes feature a unique, patent-pending “dual twin frame” that splits the top tube for mounting the shock and the downtube for mounting the battery, allowing for a lower center of gravity and lower standover height.


The Yamaha PW-X2 motor is mounted in-line with the downtube, offering a stiffer frame and shorter rear-center measurement. The motor itself has several improvements over the original PWX, including a new mode. It has Eco, Standard, High, a new MTB mode, and EXPW (full power). All modes will get you up to 20 mph and provide assist up to 120 rpm, except EXPW has been tweaked to allow assistance at up to 170 rpm.


Sure, that kind of cadence sounds ridiculous, because who would ever spin that fast? The truth is, Yamaha’s engineers did this to provide better support at middle-to-high rpm (90–120) to help with really steep, technical climbs. The motor also has a new helical gear design to reduce noise.

The PW-X2 system, which already had sensors for torque, cadence and wheel speed, now also has an angle sensor to provide more accurate output for any given riding condition. Yamaha says the new automatic mode will seamlessly switch assist levels from Eco to High to let riders concentrate on riding, which may have the side benefit of providing longer range.

The YDX-Moro will be available in Desert Yellow with an MSRP of $4499, and the YDX-Moro Pro will be available in Podium Blue/Nickel with an MSRP of $5499.




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