Gene Hamilton of Better Ride says 155mm cranks work better than 175mm cranks, and he's 6'3"

Gene Hamilton is one of the top mountain bike skills trainers in the world, so he’s worth listening too.
He says he heard from Lance Canfield of Canfield Bikes that 155mm cranks work better than 175mm cranks for all kinds of riding.
Gene tried the shorter 155mm cranks, and after a few minutes of getting adjusted to them, he liked them too.
Gene ended up testing the shorter cranks for six months and found that they worked better for him in every way—even climbing—so he’s now recommending them to the riders he’s trained, too. Those riders include two of America’s top enduro racers, Mitch Ropelato and Cody Kelley.  One of the riders who sometimes assists Gene in leading his Better Ride training classes is four-time downhill world champion Greg Minnaar, who is also 6’3″, the same height as Gene Hamilton, so we’ll be interested to see if Greg adopts the shorter cranks, too.
Watch Gene’s video, listen to what he says about the pros and cons of the shorter cranks,  and see what you think.
Here’s what Gene said about the video when he sent it to MBA: “I’m so excited to get my video review of my 155mm cranks up for you! These cranks along with my oval chainring have gotten rid of my knee pain and greatly reduced my number of pedal strikes. Check out my review here:”
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