Destination: The Oaxaca Experience

An Unexpected Journey to Mexico

(photos by Its Project)

What comes to mind when you think of Mexico? Is it a luxurious, mountainous adventure with loamy dirt, world-class food, beautiful views, historical architecture and an inviting cultural experience? We will be honest and say that is not at all what first comes to mind. Be that as it may, it was precisely what Dylan Crane, Rafa Infante and Clare Hamilton found on their journey in the beautiful mountain city with Oaxaca Bike Expeditions. We connected with Dylan after the trip to give us an overview of their experience. He didn’t know the exact number, but after six days of shuttling different trails, his crew still hadn’t hit all of what Oaxaca had to offer. Dylan describes the terrain:

“They are not short trails. Some of them take
at least 45 minutes to get down without
the need to pedal once. There are some
massive descents. My personal favorite
was called Cerezo. Amazing dirt, super
flowy, and easy to get going fast on!”

Dylan has had the opportunity to travel and ride all over the world. Much to his surprise, the closest place he could compare Oaxaca’s riding to is British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest zones. They share amazing loam, very green scenery, and a number of technical rock sections that leave a rider with a little bit of everything.

The tour company is based in Oaxaca city to provide anyone that comes down with the ultimate Mexico riding experience. A big part of what sets them apart is their attention to the time travelers spend off their bikes as well. There is no shortage of top-tier food, five-star resorts, and access to info about a bunch of other fun activities in the
area. When you book a tour with Oaxaca Bike Expeditions, the typical stay is for six days. They’ll pick you up from the airport and take care of everything—from the time you land to the time you take off. It is not regimented, though, so travelers have many options to decide what they prefer to do.

A noteworthy mention is how all of this vast trail system comes together. There’s a fee to use the trails that the company covers for you when you book a trip. That amount goes to paying locals in the area to build and maintain the trails. Not only does this help support more trails systems, but it also means that it creates jobs for many of the people in the area to keep the trails running at their best year-round. The community takes the preservation of the area seriously, and all three of these travelers were impressed with the quality of the trail building. To put it simply, they’ve got it down! Overall, with dirt that could have easily been out of British Columbia—40 minutes plus non-stop descents, and the five-star lodging experience—the entire crew agrees that this was an all-time favorite trip that they hope to repeat soon.






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