Bosch eBike Systems has been making ebike motors since their premiere at Eurobike in 2010 and have become an industry leader in the ebike world. In continuation of their evolution of their ebike motor, Bosch has just released the Performance Line XC Race which includes a first ever exclusive Race mode. This mode was specifically designed for eMTB racing in bikes like those that are used in the EWS-E around the world. With ebike racing becoming more and more accepted, it only makes sense companies like Bosch are making race versions of their motors. Race mode is designed to help riders reach top speed faster to shave off precious seconds on their way to the finish line. Similarly to Bosch’s Cargo Line motors, the new Performance Line XC Race motor features a 400% support level and 85nm max possible drive torque. It’s the tune that sets the Performance line apart however giving power right out of the gate to get you to top speed as quick as possible. Another useful addition is the Hill Hold feature which automatically engages the motor when you’re in Walk Mode and either accidentally or purposefully release the minus button keeping the bike from rolling backwards down the hill without applying the brake. The system’s 85nm of powerful acceleration can engage even as a cadence as high as 120 rpm which means it’ll be hard to out pedal this drive unit. The unit itself is said to only weigh 6.1lb which is the lightest drive unit currently available in the Bosch lineup. With a sleek look and a powerful support system the new Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition drive unit may just be the deciding factor in the next eMTB race.



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