Since the release of the Dominion line of brakes in 2018, Hayes has been looking to keep the momentum going with even more improvements and innovations. The Dominion T4 is their shot at making a high-performance quad-piston brake as light as possible.


Titanium hardware is ever present to save grams wherever possible.
A carbon lever blade, a composite reservoir cover, and titanium hardware were used to lighten the lever wherever possible.


Hayes has spared no expense in order to save grams on these new brakes. Titanium, the T in T4, is everywhere, including the push rods, hardware, and even the banjo fittings. Their aim is to keep the same performance of the heavier A4 models, but in the lightest package possible. They claim the T4 to be 100g lighter per-set than the A4. They even machined the caliper to shave precious more grams.

Though it says TBD here in the weight section, their press release claims they weight roughly 257g per-wheel.


Technology carried over from previous models includes 2-stroke bleed ports and Crosshair caliper grub bolts for easier caliper alignment. They are using DOT 5.1 brake fluid for it’s high boiling point and consistent performance. They didn’t bring the tool-less reach adjustment from the A4, but we guess you have to sacrifice something to save weight. They are also recommending the use of their D-series rotors for the best possible braking performance.



If you’re looking for weight savings on your enduro or downhill bike without sacrificing performance, these brakes may be for you. Visit the Hayes site to learn more and maybe grab a pair for yourself.




Never content to leave even the best design alone, the team of engineers at Hayes sought out to produce an even more extreme performance solution upon the solid and universally lauded Dominion platform. Improving upon such a respected system was to prove an arduous task, especially considering that no compromise was to be accepted on the quality or performance of the A4. The comprehensive analysis, design and development culminated firstly into the T2 model, and now the T4 (two piston and four piston respectively) which offer the trademark reliability, performance and modulation of the original Dominion platform, in an amazingly lightweight package.

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