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Product Test: Camelback M.U.L.E. vs M.U.L.E. N.V.

M.U.L.E. NV’s N.V.I.S. (left) and the M.U.L.E. The $100 CamelBak M.U.L.E. has been the longtime target of every company offering hydration packs to mountain bikers. That’s because since its introduction, the M.U.L.E. has been the most popular hydration pack. Well, with all that competition shooting at their M.U.L.E., CamelBak decided to take a shot at […]

Product Test: Kali Chakra Plus Helmet

We asked a number of bike-shop helmet specialists what their best-selling helmet was, and the most common answer was the $49.95 Kali Chakra Plus. That was reason enough for us to get our heads into one to see what everyone was so excited about. Tech features: The Kali Chakra Plus uses a polycarbonate shell that […]

Bike Test: Cannondale Trigger 1

Many choices: Riders need to fine-tune the shock to get everything out of the Trigger. Cannondale’s System Integration extends to the stem. The long stays would be noodles if Cannondale hadn’t connected everything with massive 15-millimeter axles as the pivots. Cannondale felt something was missing. Their aggressive trailbike/gravity category, referred to as “Over-Mountain” by Cannondale, […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Multi Tools For Trailside Repairs

If your riding buddy is MacGyver and can fix a bike with rocks, sticks and a gum wrapper, you may not need one of these kits. But for most of us, these tools can be lifesavers. Besides the basic hex wrenches and screwdrivers, these kits feature tools to fix drivetrains, brakes, wheels, and just about […]

Product Test: 2013 Fox 32 Float Fork and Float Shock

Floating on rocks: The fork performance will have you choosing lines where lesser forks fear to tread. The fork and shock are sophisticated and highly adjustable suspension components that offer lots of tuning options. Use them. Fox is not a company known for resting on their laurels, and their 2013 shock and fork line is […]

Trail Testing: Haro FLC 29 Pro

The FLC 29 Pro is a brand new model for 2013. Haro has designed it to be a “high-performance, value-packed, no-compromises trail machine.” The FLC’s carbon frame features a tapered headtube and internal routing for the derailleur cables. The RockShox SID fork features their PushLoc remote lever to switch between open and locked out damping […]

Bike Test: Windsor C29 Pro

We traced the Windsor brand name back to a Mexican bike company that had a tie-in with Eddy Merckx in the ’70s, but don’t quote us on that. The history is spotty and doesn’t have any bearing on what Windsor is today—a new line of bikes from the same guys who are behind Motobecane. Like […]

Product Test: Fox D.O.S.S. Seatpost

Remote control: The D.O.S.S. seatpost in climb (full extension) and descend mode. The actuation cable takes a ride down with the saddle, making cable routing critical. A dropper seatpost (a seatpost that can be lowered on the fly without tools) from Fox has been one of the most anticipated products since…well, since we saw a […]

Bike Test: Marin Mount Vision XM6

Secret trick: There is one add-on component that would greatly enhance the XM6’s already impressive downhill chops. For many riders, the adventure of mountain biking is all about tackling a wide variety of terrain, and that is exactly what this bike is all about. While the Mount Vision shares its model name with many before […]

Product Test: Showers Pass Lapeleau

Showers Pass, an Oregon company that specializes in keeping riders on the road in inclement weather, offers the VelEau 42 hydration system—an engineering nerd’s dream come true. The VelEau 42 locates your hydration under the bike’s saddle, and a hose running the length of the top tube snakes up the bar/stem. It may work great […]

Product Test: Gaerne Kobra MTB Shoes

Italians are known for making great-fitting shoes, and they are known for their cycling culture. Put the two together and you can imagine the results. Gaerne is an Italian cycling shoe company that still designs and hand-makes their shoes in Italy, so they can be sure nothing is lost in translation. The $425 Gaerne Kobra […]

Product Test: KS LEV Seatpost

Riders who have adopted dropper seatposts, which can be lowered 3 to 6 inches and then returned to full extension with the push of a button or pull of a lever, develop a love-hate relationship with the devices over time. Riders love the advantages of lowering their center of gravity for downhills, but they hate […]

Take an Inside Look at Specialized’s Custom Suspension Tuning Center

Created in 2006, the Specialized Service center was established to address the service needs of Specialized suspension and Roval wheels. Now with 15 locations around the globe our Service Centers focus on meeting riders needs for custom tuning to maximize your experience on the trails, essential regularly scheduled maintenance and quick turn around to keep […]

Bike Test: Ibis Mojo HD 160

Scot Nicol started Ibis Bikes way back when mountain biking was in its infancy in 1981. The first bikes were rolled out of a garage shop in Mendocino, California. These first versions were not like the technology-driven super bikes of today, but they were based on the motto Ibis has always built their bikes by: […]

Bike Test: Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL

After being impressed by Rocky Mountain’s aluminum Element 29er, we couldn’t help but think about how the rig would improve with some carbon DNA. Only a year after Rocky Mountain entered the 29er market, our wish came true. It’s time to see if the Element has really been taken to the next level. WHO IS […]

Product Test: Zoic Ether Shorts and Black Market Fusion Shorts

Zoic is a San Diego, California-based cycling apparel company that prides itself on making relaxed-fitting jerseys and comfortable, baggy riding shorts for riders who don’t want to look like they are competing when they head out for a trail ride. And while they proudly proclaim they “eschew mainstream media,” we promise not to hold that […]

Trail Testing: Scott Genius 710

The latest addition to the Wrecking Crew’s test fleet is the Scott Genius 710. The “710” refers to the 27.5-inch wheelsize. The Genius features an HMF carbon front triangle with geometry designed from the ground up for the new wheel size. Scott’s TwinLoc system features a three position, “Lock-Trail-Descend” damper on both the Fox Talas […]

Proper Bike Fitting with Fezzari’s 23 Point Process (Video)

Buying a bike direct from the manufacturer might not be for everyone, but Fezzari does their homework to make sure the bike you get from them is dialed. We’ve tested bikes from them, with no special treatment, and found their customer service to be pretty solid. Take a look at how their attention to detail […]

Bike Test: Turner 5.Spot

We tested our first Turner 5.Spot way back in 2003 and have witnessed years of evolutionary (as well as revolutionary) changes to Turner’s Swiss army knife of mountain bikes. The 5.Spot we test here, called version 4.2, uses the same dw-link rear suspension as the 5.Spot we tested in 2009, but that’s pretty much where […]

Product Test: Airace Fit Tele M Hand Pump

Airace is a Taiwan-based company that makes a line of multi-tools, mini bike-wash pressure sprayers, and a line of floor and hand tire pumps. Their $21 Fit Tele M is a compact, handheld pump small enough to carry in a jersey pocket. Tech features: Our Airace Fit Tele M hand pump was 6.5 inches long […]

Trail Testing: Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 29er

Check out what’s new in the wrecking crew’s test fleet: an S-Works Stumpjumper 29er. This is the top-of-the-line trail 29er bike for Specialized. Watch for the full review in the December 2012 issue. For now, take a sneak peak at the highlights in this week’s “Trail Testing.” Pulling out the stops: Specialized builds their S-Works […]

GoPro Announces Hero 3 Camera

Apparently, Contour wasn’t the only camera maker with something up their sleeves. GoPro just announced the latest generation of their camera system, the Hero 3. The Hero 3 is smaller in stature, lighter weight and available in three different models. All three share the same new svelte body and have WiFi compatibility built in. The […]

Contour Introduces The Roam 2 Camera

Tired of your old “look like everyone else on the mountain” helmet cam? Contour just released their Roam 2 in an array of colors to satisfy even the most fashion conscious riders.  from Contour: Live life in color. The ContourROAM2 brings brilliant updates to our most loved camera, while retaining the features that made it […]

Tips for Properly Fitting Your Leatt DBX Brace

A Leatt brace may be able to save your neck in the event of a crash, but anyone who’s worn one will tell you that it needs to be fitted properly to the rider for it to do any good. The process of fitting the brace will take a bit of time, but it’s time […]

Introducing The 2013 Transition Bikes Klunker

The Klunker in “Party in the Woods Matte Black” Transition is taking their love of klunking, and fun in general, to a whole new level for 2013 by releasing a production Klunker in two color offerings. Sure, you might say that part of the fun of klunking is the bike build itself, but we appreciate […]

Trail Testing: KHS sixfifty609

An Inside Look at What’s In the Test Fleet: KHS sixfifty609 Killer Bee: Race hardtails have always been known as just that: bikes that are designed to get to the finish line first. However, the sixfifty609 seeks to take the agility of the 26-inch wheel, and the speed of the 29-inch variety and put them […]

Bike Test: Felt Virtue Elite

Full-Tilt Carbon On A Budget Felt redesigned their Virtue lineup to offer all-new carbon and aluminum versions. Think of this as the classic trailbike. WHO IS IT MADE FOR? With 5.1 inches of travel, the Virtue is a mid-travel trail- bike with very tight and nimble geometry. The design caters to the cross-country rider or […]