Photo Epic: Red Bull Rampage 2019—Finals

Vincent “Vinny T” Tupin rips the ridgeline to a top 10 finish in his first Red Bull Rampage.

With his 10th place finish, Vinny T will be an automatic qualifier for next year’s Red Bull Rampage.

Belgium’s Thomas Genon is always a pleasure to watch—textbook tuck no-hander to 14h place.

The fans of Red Bull Rampage are always epic—”Lampshade! Lampshade! Lampshade!” sounds close enough to “Rampage” when you’re having fun…

Tyler McCaul tied his best Rampage finish with another fifth place.

Winner of the Spirit Award at Red Bull Rampage 2019: Tyler McCaul.

This monster flat drop backflip helped Tom van Steenbergen secure his first podium finish: 3rd place.

Tom van Steenbergen backflipped this huge drop last year and barely rode it out, but this year’s attempt was executed perfectly.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Reed Boggs had to ride countless skateparks and dirt jumps to obtain the skills to tackle a huge mountain like Rampage—and his skatepark creativity shows with this unique open loop hip jump build in his line.

Carson Storch has one of the best big drop 360’s in the game of freeride.

Szymon Godziek celebrates for his native Poland.

People’s Choice Award Winner—Red Bull Rampage 2019: Szymon Godziek.

Poland’s Szymon Godziek with one of the biggest, and most masterfully-executed 360’s of 2019 Red Bull Rampage.

Szymon Godziek squashes a long gap on the way to another big trick jump.

Kyle Strait finished 9th in the first Red Bull Rampage in 2001 and 9th again at Rampage #14 in 2019—getting wild with a massive one-footed seatgrab drop.

“Lampshade! Lampshade! Lampshade!” Rampage, Rampage, Rampage!!!

Brandon Semenuk does “push-ups for Jordie” on the podium in remembrance of freeride legend Jordie Lunn.

The 2019 Red Bull Rampage podium: Brandon Semenuk (1st), Brett Rheeder (2nd) and Tom van Steenbergen (3rd).

Kyle Strait has the best suicide no-hander in all of mountain biking. Period.

Kyle “Lyle” Strait riding out his wild one-foot seatgrab drop…

Unfortunately this is where it all went wrong for three-time Rampage champion Kurt Sorge after he nose cased this tuck no-hander backflip. Although no serious injuries were sustained, Sorge decided to sit out the rest of the day.

Kurt Sorge sails at the top of his first run.

Three-time Rampage winner Kurt Sorge was unable to complete his first run, but not until after he landed this massive drop.

Red Bull Rampage is a sight to behold for the lucky fans who brave the elements in order to attend.

Utah’s own Ethan Nell didn’t ride out this massive whip, but was able to get up and finish 7th overall.

With two podium finishes in his first two Red Bull Rampages, Ethan Nell was hoping for more than 7th—but with massive moves like this backflip drop, he has to be proud.

DJ Brandt exhibited solid riding all week as he charged to 16th place.

Another view of Ethan Nell’s monstrous backflip drop.

Not all slopestyle masters have been able to make the move to big mountain events and thrive, but Emil Johansson proved capable in the rugged Rampage environment on his way to 12th place.

Rampage rookie Emil Johansson throws a huge suicide no-hander drop.

Norway’s Emil Johansson impressed with creative riding like this nose bonk feature on the top of his line.

DJ Brandt handles the trick jump at the bottom of his line.

Along with second place overall, Brett Rheeder took home the Best Trick Award for his flat drop backflip can-can.

Eighth place finisher Carson Storch threw this massive 360 drop in both of his runs.

Another view of Carson Storch’s huge 360 drop.

Unfortunately, a slight over-rotation on the huge 360 drop in his second run led to his rear tire popping off the bead, which thwarted his hopes of a podium finish at Red Bull Rampage 2019.

Last year’s winner, Brett Rheeder, had to settle for second place this year—even with perfect tricks like this flat spin 360.

Brett Rheeder celebrates reaching the bottom of the course at Red Bull Rampage 2019—any time a rider makes it safely to the finish, it’s a victory.

This flat drop backflip can-can won the Best Trick Award for Brett Rheeder at Red Bull Rampage 2019.

Celebration time for Brett Rheeder at Red Bull Rampage 2019—second place overall and Best Trick winner.

Brett Rheeder’s line was full of tricks, gnarly terrain and big drops.

Another view of just how wild the Rampage terrain can be—Brett Rheeder flips anyway.    

Elated to be at the bottom and save, Brandon Semenuk and Brendan Fairclough share the stoke.

Great Britain’s Brendan Fairclough backflips over his massive 50-foot canyon gap.

Not every World Cup racer has the ability to handle the burly terrain of Red Bull Rampage—but this one does: Brendan Fairclough, 4th place.

A second view of Brendan Fairclough’s 50-foot canyon gap backflip that helped him score his Rampage-best finish of fourth place overall.

Brandon Semenuk hoists the bike that helped him win his third Red Bull Rampage: A Trek Session with 26-inch wheels.

Rookie Bienvenido Aguado drops in for his first Red Bull Rampage.

Brandon Semenuk descends into the history books, winning his third Red Bull Rampage.

Confidence is king at Red Bull Rampage—at the top and bottom of the course, which is something Brandon Semenuk knows well.

Brandon Semenuk was one of the all-Canadian podium at Red Bull Rampage 2019.

On his second run, Brandon Semenuk took a victory lap down the mountain—and punctuated it with an exclamation mark in the form of this 360 can-can.

Andreu Lacondeguy had two rock-and-roll runs, but crashes in both kept him from scoring his second Red Bull Rampage victory—flat spin 450 here.

Best Dig Team Award Winners: Brett Rheeder (middle) with Ben Byers (left) and Matt MacDuff (right).

Red Bull Air Force member Andy Farrington flew over the Rampage course in his wingsuit prior to the competition start to get the crowd fired up.

Andreu Lacondeguy’s classic 360 flat spin. 



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