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Here’s a photo of me from the Sagebrush Safari in their 27-mile cross-country race held in March this year in California. The photo is by Wildglass Photo.

Stu Thomsen

Green Valley Lake, California

Stu, now 64, was the most famous BMX racer in the world in the late 1970s and early 1980s. “He was by far the most famous BMX racer of the pioneering generation, maybe of all time,” says former BMX Plus! Magazine editor Bob Hadley.



My name is Ryan Muxworthy. I’m in ninth grade, and I live in Oak Park, California. My dad and I started mountain biking together about a year ago. We love reading your magazine and exploring the local trails together. I took this picture of my dad on a trail called Norway in the Simi Hills above Oak Park. It’s one of our regular trails that we ride every week. Thanks for all the great pictures and information in your magazine. We love it!

Ryan Muxworthy

Oak Park, California



The first shot of me doing the tabletop jump is one that I took by putting my phone on the ground at the Galisteo Basin Preserve. The second shot of me riding off the rock drop was taken by Dham Khalsa in Glorieta, New Mexico, just outside of Santa Fe, where I grew up The third shot of me doing the no-hander was shot by Scott Wagner at the La Tierra trails in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which has been the place I’ve grown my riding more than any other area. The dirt jumps and berms there have offered a consistent challenge matched by no other place I’ve ever ridden.

J.J. Squires

Santa Fe, New Mexico



Here is one of my favorite pictures from last year at the dirt jumps in Morden, Manitoba.

The photographer was Jesse VandenBerg.

Ben Wiens

Manitoba, Canada



There’s a young up-and-coming downhill rider in New Mexico whose name is Evan Medcalf. Evan is only 17 years old and is already dominating the downhill races in New Mexico. Evan recently landed a pro sponsorship with Commencal and trains here in Albuquerque (he’s actually my neighbor). I was lucky enough to be on a shuttle ride with Evan to session features and to shoot some photos on a local downhill track known as North Course. I snapped this photo as Evan was sessioning a steep section near the end of the trail, and my camera was thoroughly covered in dust shortly after he passed. This was one of the last rides on this trail before New Mexico fire restrictions forced a forest closure. The forest will remain shut until the extreme fire danger passes, namely when the monsoon season arrives.

Paul Holzmann

Albuquerque, New Mexico



Here is a photo of me that was shot by Annie Ponce of Ride Transierra Norte from a recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.

I’m in front of the lens this time!

Don Stefanovich

Canfield Bikes

Arvada, Colorado



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