Pioneer mountain bike frame builder and designer Tom Ritchey has been making bikes for 50 years


Tom Ritchey has been making bikes for 50 years. (Photo courtesy Ritchey Design)

Tom Ritchey was only a teenager when he started designing, innovating, and building

bicycles and components more than 50 years ago.

After spending a few years repairing tubular tires and fixing broken bike frames in his family’s

garage in Northern California, Tom Ritchey ultimately designed and welded his first bicycle

frame when he was only 16 years old. In the 50 years since, Tom has gone on to build one of the

most influential and innovative bicycle companies in the world.

Tom’s 50 years in the bicycle world go beyond having merely forged new paths with great

bicycles and pioneering components – his creations have won countless championships and

he continues to inspire generations of cyclists to experience great rides while also influencing

legions within the bicycle industry.

Tom Ritchey has been one of the most influential men in mountain bike history.

Despite having innovated many of the products we all ride today, or as a testament to them,

Tom’s vision of the bicycle remains as incredibly unpretentious as it was 50 years ago: “The

bicycle’s true function is as a great equalizer that offers the simple pleasure found in the free-

dom that is riding. Whether it’s a wooden bike or a Tour de France winner, people all over the

world still smile when they see and connect with another person on a bicycle! It’s a freedom

tool and a smile machine!”

In honor of this remarkable milestone, Ritchey has unveiled special logos that recall the

brand’s roots and Tom’s journey to becoming a pillar of bicycle and component design. The

Ritchey wordmark logo retains the blue and gold of the original logo while including “Palo

Alto, California” – where Tom got his start fixing frames so many years ago and which is an

important influence on Tom’s professionalism, attitude, and beliefs.

If you want to meet Tom Ritchey and maybe even go on a ride with him at the Sea Otter Festival

in April, contact:

Fergus Tanaka, Ritchey Design Marketing Manager at  [email protected]


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