Eight all-new bikes are to be launched this year!



Fezzari, a renowned leader in the bike industry, today announced a significant brand evolution from Fezzari to simply Ari (pronounced “Ahh-ree.”) The name change from Fezzari to Ari is a reflection of the company’s global vision and goal to Create Exceptional Experiences” one rider at a time.

“Ari is and will continue to be built upon the DNA of Fezzari, and you will continue to see it in every detail down to the name,” said Chris Washburn, CEO and founder of the newly named Ari Bicycles. “Our business model centers on providing custom-fit bikes, top-tier quality, and savings to every rider through our direct-to-consumer approach, and we will continue that under the name Ari.”

Award-Winning Fezzari to Continue with Ari

Fezzari has won several ‘Bike of the Year’ awards, racing championships, world records, as well as holds the bike industry’s highest customer satisfaction ratings at an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars.

The Global Meaning of Ari

Dropping ‘Fezz’ from Fezzari and evolving into Ari seamlessly aligns into its core ethos of “Be in the Moment” because the name Ari means ‘to exist or to be.” The name also carries positive meanings globally and is easy to pronounce in virtually any language.

The Present & Future of Ari Bicycles

Ari will launch multiple, all-new bike models in 2024 and continue to lead with the same ‘Bike of the Year’ innovation it did under the name Fezzari. Among the fleet of new bikes coming down the pipeline this year, today Ari announced alongside the new branding a couple of the new models, one of which is the Nebo Peak.

Nebo Peak: Ari’s Lightweight All Mountain/Trail E-Bike

The Nebo Peak takes a unique approach to lightweight full-suspension ebikes challenging
norms and elevating performance standards. Built with a fully integrated carbon frame and 140mm rear / 150mm front suspension, the Nebo Peak is for those that want a do-it-all, fun, lightweight ebike.

Power and Efficiency

Driven by the Fazua motor system, Nebo Peak is quiet, efficient, and powerful. Its 430Wh battery integrates seamlessly into the frame and offers up to 37% more range than comparable e-bikes. Details like integrated frame wall tube-in-tube cable routing help Nebo Peak move silently.


Nebo Peak has geometry adjustability allowing riders to customize their experience with the new GA-Link (Geometry Adjust) located in the chainstay pivot. Boasting the lowest full-suspension standover height in Ari’s lineup, Nebo Peak is a comfortable and fun ride. With intentional build choices emphasizing a balance between weight, durability, and performance, Nebo Peak promises consistency, and the frame is backed by Ari’s Lifetime Warranty.

Balanced Suspension and Geometry

Featuring a comfortable cockpit, lower standover, balanced chassis, and optimal head and seat tube angles, Nebo Peak guarantees stability at high speeds and efficient pedaling, transforming every ride into an unforgettable adventure.

Builds Specs and Options

Nebo Peak Comp | $5,999 DVO D1 Diamond 36/Topaz 3, SLX Drivetrain, TRP Slate EVO Brakes, DT Swiss M 1900

Nebo Peak Elite | $6,999 Lyrik Select+/Super Deluxe Select+, GX Transmission Drivetrain, TRP Trail EVO Brakes, DT Swiss M 1900

Nebo Peak Pro | $7,999 Lyrik Ultimate/Super Deluxe Ultimate, XO Transmission Drivetrain, Maven Silver Brakes, DT Swiss XM 1700

For more information about Nebo Peak and to order go to: www.aribikes.com/nebopeak

Forget What You Know About Ebikes

Nebo Peak changes the game. With lightweight ebikes there are typically compromises when it comes to power and capability. Nebo Peak is the outlier in its ability to perform above its weight class. Its fully integrated carbon frame is light, durable, and aggressive. 140mm rear / 150mm front suspension travel is the goldilocks balance for riders looking to do it all, coupled with our award-winning Tetra-Link suspension design, the Nebo Peak climbs efficiently, descends confidently, and handles playfully.

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched by a Climb

Nebo Peak packs a punch with the Fazua motor system – silent, efficient, and powerful. Its 430Wh battery, integrated battery-in-frame design, and USBC compatibility make it a lightweight that fights in the heavyweight class. Expect up to 37% more range than similar e-bikes. It is also range extender compatible (available late summer).

The Quiet Professional

Nebo Peak moves silently with our frame wall tube-in-tube cable routing. Enhanced chainstay protection silences chain slap. Oh, and all your friends will be speechless as you rip past them.

Unmatched Adjustability

Adjust Nebo Peak to your riding style with our new GA-Link (Geometry Adjust) located in the chainstay pivot. This allows adjustability on the head tube angle and chainstay length giving you the ability to dial in the wheelbase to your preference or run a mullet setup.

We Out-Did Ourselves: Our Lowest Standover Height and Lightest Ebike Frame

With our lowest full-suspension standover height, 2 inches lower than our other full suspension bikes, Nebo Peak allows you to run the longest dropper seat post possible so you can navigate trails with ease. As with all Ari bikes, its impressively light frame is also backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Practical Build Choices

Power to weight ratio paradox: make it light, but make it perform and last. Nebo Peak strikes a balance between weight, toughness, and performance. Powerful brakes, capable suspension, and proven components make every mountain ride consistent, light, powerful, and fun. Nebo Peak also comes in frameset options as well.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

With a suspension platform and geometry designed in perfect harmony with the Fazua motor system, the Nebo is ready to tackle all the ups and downs of your favorite trails. With comfortable reach in the cockpit, lower standover, balanced chassis, 65 degree head tube angle for stability at high speed, and 77.5 degree seat tube angle for powerful pedaling – you can’t help but have fun on every single ride.

Ari will continue to create exceptional experiences and products as it pushes boundaries and shapes the future of cycling. For more information about Ari Bicycles and new products visit: www.aribikes.com


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