The Horizon V2 gets redesigned from the ground-up.


When they were first introduced in 2020, the Horizon V2 Wheelset became an instant favorite and elevated Nukeproof Wheels to the next level of performance. Their strength, reliability, and serviceability made them the go-to wheels for many racers and teams, but it’s now time to introduce the next evolution in Nukeproof’s wheel design.

9-10% lighter than the previous V2 wheels

Based on the V2, the new Horizon PRO sees several incremental improvements to make this a strong choice for Trail and Enduro riders who prefer alloy wheels. Rotational mass was decreased, making the wheels lighter and more compliant, while an all-new ratchet engagement hub in the rear wheel increases performance and wheel engagement.

The Horizon PRO Hub now uses a ratchet-style mechanism

Nukeproof’s all-new Horizon PRO Hub system lies at the heart of the new wheels, which now moves to a 54T engagement ratchet-style mechanism. The main reason for moving to a ratchet was to reduce both the mass and weight of the hub while simultaneously increasing performance and reducing energy loss. The use of double-butted straight pull spokes allowed further reduction in mass and unnecessary materials, and simultaneous engagement of the ratchet teeth allows for a more even distribution of forces and an increase in reliability.

Horizon PRO Freehub Options:

  • Shimano MS
  • Shimano HG
Spoke count was reduced to 28h

By switching to straight-pull spokes, the spoke count was able to be reduced from 32 to 28, further reducing weight and increasing tension and strength. The Horizon PRO rim is crafted from a specially formulated alloy blend that combines the desirable attributes of both 7-series and 6-series alloys. This dynamically aged Magnesium-silicon enriched alloy blend provides a perfect balance of stiffness and hardness along with the ductility and yield properties expected from a 6-series alloy. To ensure consistent strength throughout the rim, each rim is joined with a sleeve. Additionally, the Horizon PRO wheel is hand-laced in a 3x spoke pattern. This meticulous construction results in a wheel that offers an impressive combination of stiffness, compliance, strength, and weight. The Horizon PRO wheel is available in both 29″ and 27.5″ sizes. The use of a 30mm internal width allows maximum comfort and grip for 2.3″ to 2.5″ tires, and are only available in Boost Spacing (12 x 148mm).

Enduro ABEC 5 Bearings increase the durability of the front hub

Following extensive testing of various bearing brands, Nukeproof made the decision to incorporate Enduro ABEC 5 bearings into their front wheel. These bearings utilize the “LLU/LLB” seal type, which consists of two lips that create a groove, forming a labyrinth-like barrier that makes it more challenging for water or dirt to enter. The LLU seals, in particular, offer an enhanced seal due to increased contact pressure or interference fit. Additionally, Enduro bearings are filled with 80% grease on both sides, ensuring comprehensive coverage and preventing any dry areas that could lead to metal-on-metal contact or wear.

The sharp-looking Nukeproof tubeless valves come pre-installed

All wheels are sold individually and come pre-taped and with a Nukeproof tubeless valve, so all you need to do is install a tire and sealant. There is an extensive range of spare/replacement parts, freehub conversion kits, and maintenance tools available on Nukeproof’s website, along with full details of the new Horizon PRO wheel system.


  • Front: $299
  • Rear: $399

Quick References:

  • Rim Material: Alloy Nukeproof Blend
  • Spacing: 148mm x 12mm Boost
  • Inner Rim Width: 30mm
  • External Rim Width: 35mm
  • Rim Height: 21.6mm
  • Spoke Count: 28h
  • Spoke Type: Straight Pull Double Butted 2.0mm-1.8mm-2.0mm
  • Nipple Type: Alloy 14mm
  • Lacing Pattern: 3x
  • Disc Mount: 6-Bolt
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes–Pre-taped and valve supplied
  • Weight: 27.5″ MS-943g / 29″ MS-988g (without valves)

All details can be found on Nukeproof’s website.

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