Crash and injuries at Lenzerheide will require surgery

Here’s the news that Aaron shared on his Instagram page:


Well this is definitely not the post I wanted to do after yesterday’s practice. Had a big crash and unfortunately broke my arm/elbow in a few spots. Surgery next week to get everything fixed up. Bummed would be an understatement but that’s how our sport goes sometimes. It was a weird crash, didn’t feel like I made a big mistake but margin for error in this section was so small. Would normally have a good chance to save something like this but with the drop coming up so quick I didn’t have the time. Tried to clear the big lose Boulder outside of the tape with my upper body but leg caught it and kinda slammed myself extra hard. Sometimes things all line up just right in the wrong way. Haha So much training and preparation went into this season. I really believed I put myself in a solid position to battle for wins and a title again. Felt better physically than I ever have and the new bike has been awesome. I always say, success is never owed just because you work hard but it does greatly improve your chances. Time to put the focus into this recovery. Thanks everyone for the messages. The racing this year is gonna be so good to watch. Stoked to support my @intensefactoryracing team from the sidelines, the boys have put in the work and I’m excited to watch them throw down. Keep you all posted on the progress, hoping to be back as soon as I’m strong and ready again.:

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