This shot goes back a little over 30 years ago

Hans Rey recently renewed his contract with GT, which will have him riding for his long-time sponsor for three more years. He’s been with them for over 30 years now.
In digging through some of our old slides, we found this shot of Hans racing downhill in the early 1990s. We asked him if could tell us more about the photo.
Here’s what Hans told us:
“Looks to me this was a Grundig DH World Cup around 1991, judging by the Rockshox and the SPD pedals and those Bully pants. Not sure which race—I assume Big Bear? Those were the days with hardtails and water bottles in a DH race. I raced quite a bit of Slalom and DH races in those years. I wanted to show that I was more than just a trials rider. I wasn’t paid or obligated to do these races. It was fun and it helped my overall profile as a sponsored racer/rider. I usually was somewhere between 10th–25th place, not really a Top Ten DH racer. I raced the DH Worlds 3 times. In Slalom I was a bit better, getting 3rd at the 1993 Worlds in Metabief, France.”—Hans Rey
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