Situated on the steep southeast aspect of Signal Mountain, Walden’s Ridge Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is home to 12 miles of trails just minutes from downtown. The park emphasizes intermediate and advanced gravity riding with big lines, bigger berms, and boulders galore for tires and toes to grip—hiking, running, and climbing approach trails are all in the mix to access dozens of bouldering problems.

Thanks to the efforts of partners including North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, Land Trust for Tennessee, SORBA Chattanooga, Southeastern Climbers Coalition, Hamilton County Parks, and the City of Chattanooga, Walden’s Ridge Park is set to open in 2023. Walden’s Ridge received one of IMBA’s first Trail Accelerator Grants for planning and design and remains the largest Dig In fundraiser to date. This fervor of community support in Chattanooga brought IMBA Trail Solutions back to lead construction, with McGill Trail Fabrication and Barry Smith Trails helping IMBA sculpt this sizable build.

Dave Wiens, the executive director of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), sent us the video, “The Making of Walden’s Ridge Park,” which gives us a look at this new mountain bike park being built in Tennessee.

Check it out and share it with the mountain bike organizations and land managers in your area. The more mountain bike trails we get, the healthier and happier our kids and young adults will be. And that applies to older adults, too.


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